We have a 35 Sq. Mile Commercial Lease. A total of 15 Beautiful Private Lakes in the wilds of the Quebec Wilderness.

These lakes are in pristine picturesque tranquil private areas. The breakdown of the lakes consist of 7 lakes containing brook trout, 2 more lakes are pike and walleye. The final 6 remaining lakes are strictly reserved for pike fishing.

All camps are equipped with a fridge, stove, cooking utensils and lights. You must bring your own food, beverage, and bedding. Also, you should bring fishing gear and bait, head net, knife, rain gear, flashlight and batteries, insect repellent, camera and film.

You should also have warm clothing including orange hunting wear, extra ammo, gloves, hip boots and cleaning kit. Fuel is available on-site and just short of 15 miles away is a full service gas bar/convenience store.