License and Permits
All hunting and fishing licenses can be purchased at camp. We also register your Bear and issue Cites export permits.

Drinking Water
Most people drink the water from the lake as is, you may wish to boil or treat the water before using, or bring some with you.

Fishing Gear
Fly, spinning, casting and trolling rods all work in this area. 6 to 20lb. tst line, steel leade for pike, lures such as Rappalas, Rebels, Williams Wobbler, Dare Deveils, Lucky Strike, Cleos, E.G.B.s amd Tprpmtp Wpbbler all work well.

May: Bring warm clothing, as temperatures vary from freezing to 80 degrees. Long sleeve shirts, swet shirts, jackets and long underwear are helpful. Remember you can always take off layers.

June: 45 to 85 degrees. Bring warm clothes for the evening and night and if you are Bear hunting a couple of long sleeve shirts and a light jackets are a must.

July-August: Usually warm to hot. Bring light summer clothing.

September: Warm to frosty. Same as May with a warm coat or jacket.

October: Unpredictable. Snow and freezing temperatures to 60 degrees. Bring warm clothing and extras for changing.

November: Outfitters, Wolves, Bears and Moose have their vacation.

High top leather boots, hiking shoes, sneaders and rubber boots are all good choices. Boot should be broken in and waterproofed.

Check List

Maps and routes
Compas and survival gear
Flashlight and extra batteries
Camera and extra film
Bow and arrow (Bear and Moose)
Rifles 30.06, 308, 358, 7mm mag, 300 mag. etc. (Bear and Moose)
Shotgun with slugs (Bears Only)
Bird Guns (Fall Hunters)
Favorite hunting gear
Orange vest or coat (Compulsory for all hunters)
Proof of hunting expericence (old license or certificate)
Bow Hunters should bring a tree stand if possible
Rifle Hunters should bring a cushion or sear for comfort
Gun oil and cleaning kit
Duct tape to seal sleeves and pants (Bear Hunters)
Head net for insects
Light rubber gloves
Insect repellant (our favorites are Muskol Lotion, Deep Woods Off)
Pie Coils
Hunting and fishing knives
Fishing tackle for Trout and Pike
Soap and towels
First Aid Kit
4 Wheelers and 3 wheelers are welcome